"After Work"  24x24 inches, encaustic 

"Mels"  10x10 inches, encaustic 

"Please"  9x12 inches

"Hey"  9x12 inches, encaustic 

"Cocktails"  24x24 inches, encaustic 

"Hair of the Dog"  24x24 inches, encaustic 

Schaller paints in the unique medium of encaustic, creating textural art pieces which incorporate representational form with the printed word. In essence, the visual and written symbols merge to create a unique aesthetic language that is both provocative and whimsical. His multiple-image pieces, with images ranging from polka dots to popular culture, evoke emotions and memories in the viewer. The combination of images tells a story and provokes a personal exchange between the audience.

"Chicago"  10x10 inches, encaustic 

"Good Cocktails"  9x12 inches, encaustic