"Emile"  4x4 inches, on paper (framed) SOLD

Lily has grown up in my art gallery!  From a young age, she has displayed special skills at art and creativity, and was fortunate to have access to trained artists, who have fostered her talents.  For two years, she studied with Michael Long in Santa Fe; Michael is one of these exceptional teachers who is able to bring out the best in each child and she blossomed under his tutelage. 

Upon arriving in New Orleans, she was quickly accepted into the YAYA (Young Aspirations Young Artists) program, which has advanced her art skills and her participation in the local arts community. She has also managed to maintain straight A's in  her academic life, as well.  As her mom, I am incredibly proud of her accomplishments at such a young age, and wanted to give her a special opportunity to show her paintings.

The paintings shown below are all oil on canvas. Under each photo you will see the dimensions and the price. Lily and I decided that we wanted to donate 10% of each painting sale to YAYA, as a thank you to this amazing organization.  The rest of the proceeds go to Lily (she quickly proved to be a better negotiator than her mama :)  

If you see one you like, let us know, and thank you for taking the time to enjoy her paintings.  This means so much to her, as an aspiring artist.  As for me, I feel like the luckiest mom in the world.  xo Mary

To purchase online, press the link by each title.

"Avant la TempĂȘte"  9x12 inches, oil on canvas  $200.  

"Citrouille"  3x3 inches, oil on canvas  $70.  Purchase

"Chute Rouge"  3x3 inches, oil on canvas  $70.  Purchase

"Petit Oiseau Rouge" 3x3 inches, oil on canvas  $70.  Purchase

 "Oiseau d'Amour"   8x8 inches, oil on canvas  $200.  SOLD

"Grange Tranquille"  9x12 inches, oil on canvas  $200.  

"Le Chemin de la Grange Ă  Roxeanne"  10x14 inches, oil on canvas $250.  

"Bleu"  3x3 inches, oil on canvas  $70.  Purchase

"Petit Blanc"  3x3 inches, oil on canvas  $70.  Purchase